How to Choosing Best Showerheads

I can recall a time when a showerhead was merely a showerhead. Now, we’re in the era of the smart home; there are more versions of hardware for your home you can imagine.

Today, we are going to discuss the criteria for choosing the perfect showerhead, the variants, and their individual benefits.

Variants of Showerheads and Their Benefits

Standard Wall Mounted Showerhead

The standard wall mount showerhead varies from your standard, run of the mill fixed showerhead fixture, to wall mounted showerhead fixtures with adjustable angles and multiple spray settings.

Most of these wall mounted units have built-in features that prevent the effects of hard water, corrosion, degeneration, and tarnishing.

While many wall mounted units only have one setting, adjustable models can feature such spray settings as massage, mist, jet, and other assorted spray options. If you’re economically conscious, this is one of the more cost effective shower heads.

Top Mount Showerhead

If you’re looking to treat yourself, go for this showerhead. Top mounted showerheads deliver many soothing streams of water from directly above.

Top mounted showerheads are installed either through an extension arm which feeds directly from the wall or installed directly into the ceiling.

Sliding Bar Showerheads

The sliding bar showerhead mount is built to respond to the need for those who want to adjust the height of the head to meet their individual preferences. The showerhead feeds directly from the standard shower head wall mount, on an adjustable track.
This showerhead is best suited for a household where there are many high differences, where everyone can adjust the stream to their personal preferences. These units vary in price, depending on features like fixed or removable, either way, everyone can be pleased.

Handheld Showerheads

Handheld showerheads are unique from their counterparts because they’re removable from the wall mount. A handheld showerhead is best suited for bathing when you’re after a maneuverable showerhead that is easy to grip when your hands are all soapy and wet.

Removable shower heads can be extremely useful for washing pets, children, and whatever else requires a precise stream of water.

If you’re trying to decide between a handheld and a standard fixture, why not choose the combination that offers many features other units don’t?

Final Thoughts

Before deciding on which unit to buy, confirm that your plumbing can accommodate whichever showerhead you’re considering installing. Another question to ask is, “who is going to be using the shower you’re considering updating?

If you’re updating your master bathroom and you not going to be sharing the shower with guests, choose the most efficient showerhead. If it’s a shower you know visitors are likely to use, choose the model that is the easiest to use.

While the most standard diameter of residential water pipes is half an inch, you may run into some varying diameters which require fittings that are wider. Also, your existing water heater may not offer the sufficient water heating capabilities that meet an increased level of demand.

In these instances, it may be necessary to retrofit existing plumbing to accommodate the new fixtures. In these extreme circumstances, the best course of action would be to seek the advice of a professional plumber.

Article by Jon Reyes, a guest writer from Steam Shower Store. Jon is a specialist writer and has extensive knowledge in everything related to steam showers, saunas and hydrotherapy benefits.

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